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Kitaya Co., Ltd
Kitaya was founded some 190 years ago during the Bunsei Era (1818 - 1830) in Yame City. Located in the south of Kyushu’s breadbasket on the Tsukushi Plains, the city is rich in nature and scenic beauty. Family records state, “Saikichi, the eldest son and patriarch, passed his p..
ProWine Asia Singapore 2018
WORLD'S LEADING WINES & SPIRITS TRADE FAIR RETURNS TO SINGAPORE! The largest trade fair of its kind in Southeast Asia, ProWine Asia (Singapore) 2018 – modelled after the global formula unique to the ProWein World series and located at the hub of a thriving region, offers c..
The Basics Of Sake
Welcome to the fountain of knowledge. In this section, you can read about the glorious history of sake, learn how sake is made, and shatter any sake misconceptions you may have in the “Need To Know “ and "Need to Forget" sections. Simply put: sake is rice and water that..
Choya White Party Launched Event
White party x Choya 3 years launch event (Fri,7 April 2017) with DJ Martin, SUREN, Tech'1, DJ Gift OKB, T4dd, K3N! Photos taken by Jeremiah Neville Chen  ..
Miyasaka Brewing Company, Ltd.
The Miyasaka family founded the Masumi Sake Brewery in 1662 at the centre of the Japan Alps, a region famous for its pure water. Masumi is in fact named for a national treasure called "the mirror of purity," and in the past 300 years they have strived to live up to their namesake by brewin..
Kikusui Sake Co., Ltd
Founded in 1881 by the Takasawa family, Kikusui Sake Brewery is located in Shibata City in Niigata prefecture, which is known for it’s high quality rice and snowy winters.Kikusui is still run by the same family under the current 5th generation President. Over the years Kikusui has endured many..
Kaetsu Brewery Co., Ltd
The brewery was found in 1880 in Hukushima prefecture (transferred to Niigata prefecture at 1886). Niigata prefecture is situated opposite position of Tokyo and faced to Japan Sea. Owing to these geographical features, it is very hot in summer and cold and one of the snowiest countries in winter. Ni..
Ohmine Shuzo Co., Ltd
Ohmine Shuzou has run its cellar and brewed sake since the 17's century, based in Mine-city Yamaguchi Prefecture, where its ancient natural beauty has been preserved over 300 million years.  “Ohmine” -series is produced by the highest-class brewer's rice from Yamaguchi ..
Nanbubijin Co., Ltd
The brewery was established in 1902, and the Nanbu Bijin brand name came to be in 1951. The Iwate area used to be called Nanbu (South), and is a place rich with nature, abundant water and fertile soil. In Japan, most breweries of the time made quite rough, inelegant, sweet sake, but this brewery wan..
Katoukichibee Shouten
Originally operating as a money exchange business and very deeply involved in the affairs of the community, in 1860 the village headman and founder became involved in sake brewing. For eleven generations, they have carried the Kichibee name, and in 1866 registered the name as a trademark. In Sanskri..
Hakuryu Syuzou Co., Ltd
The Shirai family founded the Hakuryu  brewery  in 1839 during the Shogun's era. The brewery transported its sake by sea to major markets because the family also ran a transportation business. Hakuryu -White Dragon - an imaginary animal, was considered a guardian for marine vessels. Sa..
Takasago Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Established in 1899 in the cold area of Asahikawa. This brewery takes advantage of the nature and harsh cold of the area to make the dry, refined sake "Kokushimusou" and the "Daiginjo Ichiya Shizuku", which is pressed in a unique ice dome built in the brewery grounds. The Takasag..
Sake is a well-loved Japanese alcohol that has gained popularity in many parts of the world. It is made from fermented rice. While some people may refer to the drink as a rice wine, the truth is that sake is created by fermenting the rice in the presence of koji fungus and yeast. This process is unl..
Sake is a Japanese alcohol that is unique in its own special way. The Japanese legal name for the drink is Seishu. It is made. It’s all in the name There are some who are confused about the correct spelling and pronunciation of the word sake. While the word is spelled as sake, it is pron..