Japan is famous for its alcohol drinks. Whether its sake, shochu, or Japanese whiskey, Japan always has something for everyone. Nonetheless, social drinking is a large part of Japanese culture and such social gathering for drinks are called nomikai (飲み会). Thus, the Japanese love for alcohol beverage..
Sake is versatile when coming to enjoy it. The two common serving temperatures is 15-20°C and 45-50°C as we commonly known as "cold" and "warm" serving respectively. Deciding on how it should be served in order to enjoy its' best depends on the style of a Sake. To the question of warm or cold, cold ..
The discovery of Sake: thank the rice farmers of the past. Some brave soul tried drinking the liquid in leftover rice and took the first step into the world of sake. Since then, Sake production methods has gone from the physical chewing and spitting of rice by virgin maidens (yes only virgins) to ma..
Sake is a well-loved Japanese alcohol that has gained popularity in many parts of the world. It is made from fermented rice. While some people may refer to the drink as a rice wine, the truth is that sake is created by fermenting the rice in the presence of koji fungus and yeast. This process is unl..
Sake is a Japanese alcohol that is unique in its own special way. The Japanese legal name for the drink is Seishu. It is made. It’s all in the name There are some who are confused about the correct spelling and pronunciation of the word sake. While the word is spelled as sake, it is pron..
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