Miyasaka Brewing Company, Ltd.

Posted on April 19, 2018
by : Sake.Sg
The Miyasaka family founded the Masumi Sake Brewery in 1662 at the centre of the Japan Alps, a region famous for its pure water. Masumi is in fact named for a national treasure called "the mirror of purity," and in the past 300 years they have strived to live up to their namesake by brewing the finest quality sake using only the purest ingredients. The proof that their efforts have paid off can be seen in the many Gold Medals they have won in national sake competitions. It is also evident in the discovery at the Masumi Brewery of a superior variety of yeast, registered as "Yeast Number Seven" by the National Sake Brewing Institute, that continues to be the most widely-used sake yeast in Japan.

Miyasaka Brewing Company has produced Masumi brand sake in Nagano Prefecture for over 350 years. Masumi takes its name from the Mirror of Masumi, or Mirror of Truth, which is a treasure of the Suwa Great Shrine. Perfection is the aim for every step, from rice selection and brewing technique to final delivery to the customer. Through the harmony of man and nature, excellent sake is created in Suwa.

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