Kaetsu Brewery Co., Ltd

Posted on April 19, 2018
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The brewery was found in 1880 in Hukushima prefecture (transferred to Niigata prefecture at 1886). Niigata prefecture is situated opposite position of Tokyo and faced to Japan Sea. Owing to these geographical features, it is very hot in summer and cold and one of the snowiest countries in winter. Niigata prefecture is famous for most delicious table rice “Koshihikari” and very nice domestic Sake.
 Aga-machi is located where the Agano River and the Tokonami River join and is surrounded by many mountains. Then fogs often gather along those rivers. Such a climate condition gives birth to highest class Sakamai (Sake rice). Moreover water quality is also important in Sake brewing. The brewery has been blessed with an excellent natural spring which water is pure and soft. “Sake is a wonderful gift from nature”.

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