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Jyuyondai Junmai Daiginjo Hakuunkyorai 720ml


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Bottling Date: July 2022

 十四代  純米大吟醸 白雲去来

Juyondai Hakuun Kyorai Junmai Daiginjo is strong taste but smooth. Order to commemorate the 400 years of Takagi shuzo launched a few years ago is hard to find and become a momentary story. 

This sake is used 100% Hyogo special region A Yamadanishiki, and aged in ice temperature, and Shichitare Nijyukan series were developed to make stronger in aroma and sweetness. It is the top sake juxtaposed with Ryusen. 

  Alcohol  15%
  Polishing  35%
  SMV  *
  Size  720ml

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