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  • Kyoya Kurayami 40% 750ml

Kyoya Kurayami 40% 750ml

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This is a shochu made of authentic material using Miyazaki Beni Kotobuki sweet potato, cultivated by Agri Company Ltd. -the affiliate agricultural company- using natural compost without chemicals. The rice koji is using only the rice grown naturally without chemical by keeping ducks in the rice field. Strong impact with thick aftertaste and condensed taste. Black and darkness were selected for the desing concept as black represents black hair and black eyes of Japanese beauty and darkness absorbs everything. Darkness has light on the opposite end and it is indispensable for us to recognize light. This bottle realizes atmosphere of the darkness which does not actually exist. Cool and thick form with selected texture of black. As if the light shines at the bottom of darkness, the name (logo) is written in the bottom of the bottle with "glow ink".


  Origin   Miyazaki 宮崎
  Alcohol   40%
  Size   750ml

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