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Nanbubijin JDG Bundle 720ml X4

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Nanbubijin Junmai Daiginjo Yamadanishiki Shinpaku - The label has a design that imaged a white color of sake rice. It has a very good balance between gorgeous ginjo aroma flavor and soft tastes of Yamada Nishiki sake rice. Origin: 岩手 Iwate | Alcohol: 16.5% | Polishing: 50% | SMV: +4 | Size: 720ml

Nanbubijin Junmai Daiginjo Omachi - It has a soft, rich and deep taste.The label has a design that imaged our determination for making Junmai Daiginjo Omachi based on our traditional style and our mind for polishing as it is and richness of our Sake.  Origin: 岩手 Iwate | Alcohol: 16% | Polishing: 50% | SMV: +6 | Size: 720ml

Nanbubijin Junmai Daiginjo Sake-Mirai - Delicate and velvety textured Sake with full of fruity aroma, rich Umami, with an acidity light and refreshing finish.The label is designed by image of crystal of powdery snow falling down from heaven.  Origin: 岩手 Iwate | Alcohol: 16% | Polishing: 50% | SMV: +1 | Size: 720ml

Nanbubijin Junmai Daiginjo Aiyama - It uses 100%”Aiyama “sake rice, rare sake making rice. A gorgeous and graceful flavor continues to the end and also it has the delicious rice flavor and you can also enjoy the feeling of acidity in sweetness. Origin: 岩手 Iwate | Alcohol: 16% | Polishing: 50% | SMV: +6 | Size: 720ml

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