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Ohmine Sake Storm Cowboy Heavy Press 12.5% 720ml (Seasonal)

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NIGO x PHARRELLLimited to 1,000 bottles."SAKE STORM COWBOY®", a sake co-produced by Pharrell Williams and NIGO®, who won the gold medal in the SAKE category of IWC2020 (International Wine Challenge), the world's most influential competition held in London. At SAKE STORM COWBOY, four types of sake are brewed at each squeezing timing from one brewing tank so that you can enjoy a more complex taste, and the third HEAVY PRESS is brewed at the end of squeezing. It features a wild and rich taste.

Rice: Yamadanishiki

Water: Benten Spring Water

  Origin   Yamaguchi  山口
  Alcohol   12.5%
  Polishing   25%
  SMV   *
  Size   720ml

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