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Kinmon Akita Junmaishu X3 Pink 15.5% 720ml

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Bottling Date: 07/2021

Uses white and yellow KOJI 3 times as much as regular JUNMAISHU. Produces a refreshing fruit-based acid.  Furthermore, red rice expresses the rosé color and the depth of taste. A fragrant scent like nuts and almonds  Wet vegetation spreads, and the scent and spiciness of YUZU peel are in the back. Elegant sweetness and fine acidity.  It has a deep lingering finish, and the UMAMI and sweetness are pleasant. Flavor felt in sake like Iburi-gakko, salty sauce, caramel, onion paste, cacao, ripe pineapple, dry raisins, nutmeg. Pair well with dishes compatibility with yogurt and miso.

Rice: Akita Menkoina rice, Red rice

  Origin   Akita
  Alcohol   15.5%
  Polishing   70%
  SMV   - 23
  Size   720ml

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