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Pass the Baton #01 Hiwata X Mii No Kotobuki 720ml


PASS THE BATON #01 HIWATA x MII NO KOTOBUKI さくら酒店 ブレンド酒 日輪田X三井の寿

Release month: May

This Junmai Ginjo key Genshu is "Hiwata Yamahai Junmai Omachi", this sake is characterized by its faint fruity aroma and juicy flavor derived from Omachi.By blending "Mii no kotobuki +14 Super Dry Junmai Ginjo" with outstanding sharpness, a dry back mouth is added and the outline stands out. The rest is how to fill the outer moat and balance it, which is also the highlight of Hagino Sake Brewery's skill.

  Origin 宮城 Miyagi
  Alcohol  16%
  Polishing  60%
  SMV  *
  Size  720ml