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Pass the Baton #05 Akitora X Kankobai 15% Junmai Ginjo 720ml

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Bottling Date: 09/2021


さくら酒店 ブレンド酒 安芸虎×寒紅梅

Release month: September

Both are pure rice ginjo and have a modern taste, so to speak, a cross between similar people. The difference is that Kankobai has an apple-based scent (ethyl caproate) as opposed to Aki-tiger, which has a banana-based scent (isoamyl acetate). The theme of this blend is how the flavors with different personalities harmonize. A refreshing fruit scent reminiscent of peach that spreads the moment you put it in your mouth, and a gentle sweetness that rolls on the bottom. The body is light and soft, and the aftertaste is firm with just the right amount of acid. It seems that you are looking at a modern style complete system. Pair well with stir-fried bitter gourd and pork, moroheiya and okra with plum meat, pork shabu-shabu avocado salad.

  Origin Kochi
  Alcohol  15%
  Polishing  55%
  SMV  *
  Size  720ml

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