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Umenoyado Unfeigned Junmaishu (80) Terroir 17% 720ml


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A mellow, sweet pure rice sake that harmonizes the plump umami of rice with soft acidity.

Using the only rice suitable for sake brewing in Nara Prefecture, “Tsukihafu”, we have revived the “five-stage preparation” described in the literature of the Edo period to express a deeper and more profound taste.

It was named Terroir because it was brewed with rice and water produced in Nara prefecture.

*Terroir is a word that expresses all the characteristics surrounding the rice, which is the raw material, such as the location, climate, and soil, and the environment in which sake is produced.

  Origin  Nara
  Alcohol  17%
  Polishing  70%
  SMV  -1.2
  Size  720ml

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