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Elegance, provided by nature

With Shirin, raw sake rice is polished to 18% for a pronounced clarity of flavor before storage in a mizunara Hokkaido Japanese oak barrel. Hokkaido, known for its pristine natural environs and rural charm, produces these oak barrels that imbue the sake with a forest-like aroma and open the door to a new world of sake.

A new elegance born of oak

Shirin promises layers of scent and flavor. The flavor is bold and tart in the mouth, smooth and creamy, with pleasant, smoky notes from oak cask storage, intriguing bitterness and hints of mineral. The flavors are in superb balance, playing off the nuances imparted by oak casks for a truly novel experience.

Nine-day oak storage brings exquisite aroma

Stored as raw sake in oak barrels for nine days, Shirin unabashedly takes on woody nuance. A strong oak flavor at three to four days melts into the sake at five or more, bringing flavors that surprise even the brewers themselves.

A perfect match of ginjo and oak

Polished to 18%, this junmai daiginjo is stored in Japanese oak to take on a whole new character unlike any sake before it. A deeply-embedded aroma wafts throughout, and Shirin takes on a sharpness characteristic of the Japanese oak it’s housed in for a flavor that is at once tense and dignified.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Medium plus intense with brilliant crystal color, touch of silver reflection, It has oily viscosity, and developing appearance. Clean and pure 

Nose: It is fresh and neutral. Clean and pure that medium intensity showing tree fruits like fresh apple and fresh muscat combine with some botanical note like grass, jasmine, and hints of a herbal note like a lemon geranium. After aeration, the sake is changing, it has evolution note of beautiful earthy minerality, and then also, it has a kinds of creamy note like sour cream. A bit of toasty and smokey hints like a bitter almond, cloves, cedar wood which is indicated of aging oak. The nose is the balance, and the layers, the elegance. 

Palate: The sake is clean and medium dry. It has medium plus refreshing acidity complement by a moderate plus very well balanced alcohol which gives medium plus structure, beefy and creamy and smooth texture on the middle. It has evolution notes of bitterness these kind of toasty flavor with gravity which give mouth feeling on the finish. So this is very good quality barreled sake because of the round, the beefy, the balanced. 

General: This is perfect drinkable now ,but it will be able to enjoy the change 2 to 3 years later.(It will be got more complex)  

Recommend: It need delicately aeration before 30min. Temperature is 15 degrees into the large balloon glass like a Montrachet style. This is perfect wine with fried artichoke with fresh rocket salad. The delicacy of dish is enough to the bitterness of the sake .The acidity of sake gives freshness in your mouth. It goes well that.  

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