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Sake Hundred 百光 | Byakko 

Byakko strives to be a bottle of the purest in quality. Made with unequaled technique and craftsmanship, Byakko brings elegant aroma, uncomplicated clarity of flavor and a pleasant finish that lingers. Byakko promises an eye-opening experience in the highest sake quality for drinkers the world over.

As our flagship in the highest sake quality, we created Byakko with the idea of bringing light to drinkers’ lives for 100 years and beyond. Byakko promises a light to illuminate your future, perfect for celebrations, well-wishes and a portent of luck for future endeavors.

  Origin   Yamagata
  Alcohol   15%
  Polishing   18%
  SMV   -2
  Size   720ml

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Uncomplicated flavors, unrivaled clearness

Byakko boasts a crystalline appearance that seems to glimmer in the light. Imparting sweet, fruity flavors of pears, it also brings a gentle, elegant aroma reminiscent of lily flowers. Byakko’s mouthfeel is delicate and silky smooth, imparting a pleasant umami sensation that spreads on the tongue, and a clearness with notes of white peach. With a clear flavor uncomplicated by imperfections, Byakko additionally finishes with a mild and pleasant bitterness.

An 18% polishing ratio brings elegant flavor

Byakko’s 18% polish brings forward a delicate flavor profile. With a process that requires upward of 200 hours of meticulous polishing of the ingredient sake rice, Byakko achieves the clearest, most uncomplicated of flavors that bring a sweetness and rich umami from the sake rice.

Organic rice, raised with care by human hands

The organic sake rice used in Byakko, Dewasansan, is regarded for bringing sweetness and the richness of umami to the sake it produces. These qualities are further nourished through organic cultivation – a battle with the elements that requires patience and hand-removal of weeds and overgrowth that hinder rice maturation. This focus on organic cultivation by human hand is what gives Byakko its truly unmatched profile. 

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Medium intensity with a brilliant crystal color; clean and pure. It has an oily viscosity. Youthful.

Nose: It is aromatic. The sake is clean and vibrant and pure, the medium plus intensity showing juicy apple note and ripe stone fruits like white peach, yellow peach, combine with some botanical note of like garden chervil, fresh green tea leaf, and hints of flowery note like lily and green leaf notes. It has evolution note of beautiful!earthy minerality. Also it has a kinds of dicetyl note that is sour cream. The nose is the intensity, and the gentleness, the consistency. 

Palate: The sake is clean, medium dry, and juicy taste. It has medium plus lively acidity with gentle finesse complement by a moderate very well balanced alcohol which gives medium plus structure, smooth and mellow texture on the middle. It has touch of bitterness with amino acid of rice minerality which coats the mouth. It has evolution notes which is a bit of creamy hints, and nice soft earth minerality of kinds of the steamed rice. It is very persistante and good balanced and saltiness, and bitterness on the finish. 

General: This is very good quality sake, because of the intensity, the gentle, and the balance. 

Recommend: You will be able to enjoy the change 1 to 2 years later as it ages and develops more complexity. It needs delicate aeration 15 minutes prior to drinking. Serve at 5 to 8 degrees Celsius into a small tulip glass like a Riesling style, or at 45 degrees into a same glass.  

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