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A miracle bestowed on a 1995 vintage," a once-in-a-lifetime bottle

Twenty years since the initial brewing process began in 1995, Gengai has aged into a markedly complex and dimensional miracle, with sweet, tart, bitter and umami weaving together in each sip. Gengai is the epitome of vintage sake - a bittersweet reminder that even unthinkable disaster can birth once-in-a-lifetime greatness.

Mature mellowness meets a graceful aroma

A deep and alluring amber in color, Gengai entices with a mellow and multilayered aroma and flavors. On the tongue, a graceful sweetness and umami with a pleasing tartness. Sweet, tart, bitter and umami become one with a mature mellowness and clarity of flavor.

Patience and time yield greatness

When aged under appropriate conditions, sake undergoes chemical reactions that imbue deeper, more complex flavors and entrancing colors. With long gestation, a vintage can also develop surprising clarity and dignified, regal flavors. These changes cannot be purposefully induced and the exact outcome of the aging process is something only time and nature decide.

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Tasting Notes

Appearance: Medium intensity with a brilliant deep brown color and yellow reflection. It has an oily viscosity. Aged. 

Nose: It is opened. The sake is clean and vibrant and complex, the medium plus intensity showing dry fruit notes like an apricot, raisin, fig, combined with a beautiful spiciness like pungent oriental spices and some oxidative notes like Chinese tea leaf. It has evolution notes of beautiful earthy minerality, as well. and then also, it exhibits dry mushroom notes, baked almond, bitter caramel. The nose is complex, layered, and intense. 

Palate: The sake is complex and medium dry. It has medium savory acidity complemented by a moderate, very well-balanced alcohol, with a sweetness. It is medium plus umami structure, with a smooth and mellow texture on the middle. It has evolution notes which is a bit complex, a bit of savory notes and a nice sort of earthy minerality. It is very persistent and balanced, with beautiful salinity on the finish.  

General: This is very good quality sake because of the intensity, the complexity, the balance, and layers.  

Recommend: It needs delicate aeration 30 minutes prior. Serve at 8 degrees into a small tulip glass like a Riesling style

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