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On pouring, Byakko Bespoke’s appearance is clear and crystalline, with a faintly gold shimmer when held to light. Its aroma boasts sophisticated nuance of herbs and fruits, like white pear and peach. On drinking, Byakko Bespoke presents a creamy, smooth and rounded mouthfeel that spreads with a gentle tartness, then a pleasant alcoholic bite that gives way to tart and bitter to tie the experience together. Byakko Bespoke is best imbibed at 5-10℃°(41-50°F), directly from refrigerated storage for an elegant presentation of flavors and aromas.

  Origin   Yamagata
  Alcohol   15.7%
  Polishing   18%
  SMV   -2
  Size   720ml


Fresh and forward, Byakko Bespoke’s aromas feature white peach, pear, apple, herbs and mint. Aerated, the aroma presents as dense and pleasantly creamy.


Byakko Bespoke’s mouthfeel is silky and rounded, coats the mouth and gradually gives way to a sensation of increasing volume.


A growing tartness giving way to a pleasing bitterness and umami over time.


Umami-packed seafood and shellfish are the go-to, along with roasted white meats and tart sauces — Byakko Bespoke plays well with almost any dish.


The highest quality, born of cutting-edge polishing.

An 18% polishing ratio brings elegant flavor.

Byakko Bespoke’s 18% polish brings forward a delicate flavor profile. With a process that requires upward of 200 hours of meticulous polishing of the ingredient sake rice, Byakko Bespoke achieves the clearest, most uncomplicated of flavors that bring a sweetness and rich umami from the sake rice.

The king of sake rice bestow powerful umami

Cultivated primarily in Hyogo Prefecture, Yamadanishiki brings strength and quality to sake and allows it to stand up to aging processes. It also brings with it a balance of sweet, tart and a pronounced umami, reflected here in Byakko Bespoke’s quality and balance of flavor.

The greatest quality comes from the best water

Byakko is made from natural water taken from Mt. Chokai in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. This ultra-soft water helps bring the unparalleled quality and clarity of flavor Byakko is known for.

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