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SAKE HUNDRED is proud to announce the limited release of this special edition Byakko label. Created in collaboration with renowned Japanese artist Hiroko Otake, this edition of Byakko features one-of-a-kind artwork by Ms. Otake herself.

  Origin   Yamagata
  Rice (Organic)   100% Yamagata Dewasansan 
  Alcohol   15.70%
  Polishing   18%
  SMV   -2
  Acidity   1.3
  Amino Acid   1.3
  No.of Pasteurizations   1
  Size   720ml


The Byakko Hiroko Otake edition explores the truth and stark beauty found in the natural order of the living world. 

Inspired by SAKE HUNDRED’s Byakko, Ms. Otake introduces “Spiral - Flowers and Butterflies - Vol. 8,” a work that explores nature, the cycles of life and the living world, and even Japanese tradition and modernity through the lens of SAKE HUNDRED’s spirit and philosophies. 

Consistency in Change

Ms. Otake’s design for Byakko Hiroko Otake edition features a motif of butterflies and flowers arranged in a spiraling pattern. The pattern itself, and the nature of the subjects depicted, recall the cyclical characteristics of life and the natural world, and how there are a kind of consistency to be found there. Just as each season of the year - spring, summer, autumn, winter - comes every year, each season itself is a unique and distinct phenomenon that is ever-changing. Sake, too, is said to occupy this state of consistency in change - each year’s yield similar, yet distinct, from the year before. 

About the Design

Spiral - Flowers and Butterflies - Vol. 8, as its name implies, focuses on flowers and butterflies as its subjects. The flowers represent the cyclical nature of life, as flowers bud, bloom, seed and then die, all for the cycle to begin anew again. They represent vitality and fragile beauty. The butterflies in the work represent metamorphosis and change, as butterflies begin life as larvae before being reborn as something wholly different and gorgeously captivating. The particular species of butterfly depicted in the work is indeed native to Yamagata Prefecture, where Byakko itself is also born. 

Collaboration Artist

Contemporary Nihonga Artist

Hiroko Otake

About the Artist

Born in 1980, Hiroko Otake is a Japanese artist known worldwide for her modern takes on traditional Japanese art styles. Her works have graced the walls of the Vatican in Rome and galleries in New York, even as she has earned awards and accolades in her native Japan. 

She has spent many years studying and perfecting traditional Japanese art techniques, such as those that incorporate foils and pigments, and is recognized for applying these techniques to more contemporary themes. 

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