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Dense and sweet; Sake as dessert

Upending the notion that sake is best enjoyed paired with a meal, Amairo is the world’s first dessert sake. Sweet, tart and bursting with umami, Amairo is a flavor like no other, bringing complex notes that layer one over another in each voluminous sip. Amairo is additionally a world apart in its production, utilizing the unique ruijo method to brew sake using sake for a dense and original flavor.

Delightfully dense, perfectly sweet

Decadent and sweet, Amairo’s flavors are almost unlike sake at all. Distinct tartness bolsters and brings out Amairo’s sweet flavors for an experience that never gets old. Layers of complex flavor work in harmony in each sensational sip.

Tartness and umami developed by nature. No added yeasts

No yeast is added to Amairo during brewing, preserving an organic brewing method that harnesses nature itself to produce its own yeast and bring richness and complexity to every bottle.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Medium intense with brilliant yellow! color , clean and pure. It has oily viscosity, no gas no CO2 , it looks developing.

Nose: It is clean, complex, vibrant and pure that medium plus intensity showing ripe tree fruits like a ripen yellow peach, cooked apricot, cooked apple combine with beautiful spiciness of like a honeysuckle, it means sweetness hints and botanical hints of a bit flowery note like linden flower and some kinds of earthy minerality. After aeration, it has evolution note of a like yogurt and sour cream follow by sake lees hints and oxidative note which gives complexity and seductive accent. The nose is the intensity! the aromatic. 

Palate: The sake is clean and semi sweet. Attack is smooth and elegant of dense sweetness. It has medium delicate!refreshing acidity with gentle finesse complement by a moderate very well balanced alcohol which gives medium plus structure, and richness, and it has lovely gooey and oily texture on the middle. It has evolution notes which is a bit of elegant honey note and nice minerality with bitterness as well. It is very persistante and good balanced and savoury note on the finish. 

General: This is very good quality sweet sake because of the intensity, the balanced, the lusciousness. 

Recommend: It will be able to enjoy the change 1 to 2 years later. It need delicately aeration before 15min. Temperature is 6 to15 degrees into the small tulip glass like kinds of Sauternes style . 

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