Hakkaisan Snow Aged JDG 8Yrs 17% 720ml


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Alcohol 17%
Polishing 50%
SMV +1
Size 720ml

Taking advantage of the power of nature, this sake is aged for eight years in the “Yukimuro”, a low-temperature snow storage facility with a thousand ton of snow in Uonuma, Niigata, one of the snowiest regions in Japan. The long period of storage at a low temperature of around 3 degrees produces a high-quality aged sake with a smooth and elegant flavor while retaining a light and refreshing taste. The “Ha-” of Hakkaisan means eight, and in this case, eight years of aging as well as a “ha, ha, ha” of much happy laughter.
Rice: Yamadanishiki , Yukinosei , Gohyakumangoku
2023 Singapore Sake Challenge Silver Award

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Hakkaisan Snow Aged JDG 8Yrs 17% 720ml

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