Pass the Baton “All-in-one” Blended 6 Breweries 720ml


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Bottling Date: 10/2021


“Blended Sake” that was jointly developed with sake breweries in various parts of Japan across the boundaries of the brewery. From Tohoku in the north to Kyushu in the south, we connect our thoughts from brewery to brewery in a relay system and go around the Japanese archipelago. Sake breweries or blended liquors nationwide are not in-house blends made by a single brewery, but a blend of two breweries in which the sake from the previous brewery is included in the liquor from the next brewery. And in the final month, we will deliver unprecedented sake, which is a joint blend of all 6 breweries of sake by the brewery and Sakura Hotel. “Sakura Hotel”, which stores sake procured from the above below freezing point, offers a new form of sake.



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Pass the Baton "All-in-one" Blended 6 Breweries 720ml

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