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The Choya Black 700ml

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“The CHOYA” is a masterpiece created with our long history of ume liqueur making experience and data accumulation by CHOYA. It is made with 100% Japan grown Nanko ume fruit and is fully absorbed by nature’s bounty. “The CHOYA” is produced with much time and effort without adding artificial additives such as acidulants and artificial flavors, to bring out the maximum taste of ume.

Volume: 700ml

Alcohol: 14% alc./vol.

Ingredients: Japanese Nanko ume, sugar, cane spirit, brandy

  • Blend of umeshu aged for more than 1 year and French brandy
  • 100% Japanese Nanko ume from Kishu area
  • Mellow taste of umeshu with French brandy
  • No artificial additives

Tasting Notes

This full-bodied umeshu has rich aroma of French brandy and pleasantly sweet & tart taste of ume. To be enjoy mixed with soda water or in cocktails or on-the-rocks.

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