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Toyobijin Bundle 720ml X2 and 1800ml X1

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Toyobijin Junmai Ginjo Jundoichizu Ushuhomare 720ml (Limited)
From a refreshing mouthfeel, it has a sweet and sour juicy taste, with a perfect balance of sourness and slight bitterness, and the soft plumpness that spreads gently is "just mellow"! Rice: [KOJI]Yamadanishik[KAKE]Ushuhomare | Polishing  : 50% |Alc: 16%

Sumikawa Toyo Bijin Junmai Ginjo (50) 15% 1800ml
It is a local sake brewed in Yamaguchi Prefecture served as the only Nihonshu. It is also served to the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe when he visited Yamaguchi Prefecture. Russian President Vladimir Putin had also shown interest in the taste of Touyoubijin sake. it has a fruity scent, fresh and transparent taste. Its price is exceptional in cost performance as well, and it dares to make it a Junmai Daiginjo but it is 50% polished rice. Rice: Yamadanishiki, Saitonoshizuku | Origin:  山口 Yamaguchi | Alcohol: 15% |Polishing:  50% |SMV: +5

Toyobijin Junmai Ginjo Jundoichizu Aiyama  720ml (Limited)
When you put it in your mouth, it gives you a slightly fluffy feeling, a juicy fruity feeling with moderate bitterness and spiciness, and a refreshing and sour taste with a strong presence in your throat. It has a rich taste and is refreshing and sharp, and the acidity for the finish is outstanding and addictive. Rice:[KOJI]Yamadanishiki[KAKE]AIYAMA | Polishing : 50% | Alc: 16%