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Yatsushika Bundle Set 1800ml X5

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The gold stamp & the ultimate of sake Yatsushika. The deliciousness of rice that spreads slowly when you put it in your mouth. The original taste of sake rather than Ginjo incense, Junmai Daiginjo sake with a deep and full flavor.Enjoy the creation of the whole body of Mori, who has been in the tradition of sake Yatsuka for 150 years.Please enjoy the rich and elegant drinking, which goes well with food, like kamonabe. Rice: Hyogo Yamadanishiki Yeast: Kumamoto yeast


The silver stamp & the sharp of sake Yatsushika. The most elegant fragrance and graceful sharpness.Yamada Nishiki, which has been polished to a rice polishing rate of 35%, Daiginjo liquor prepared with underground water from the Kuju Mountain Range.This is a dedication to a sunny seat that has won numerous gold awards at national sake competitions.The elegant mouthpiece that is gorgeous but doesn't insist too much. It is a delicious taste that you cannot forget once you drink it. Recommendation pairing with Fugu sashimi.Rice: Hyogo Yamadanishiki Yeast: Kumamoto yeast


The green sign & the richness of Yatsushika sake. The plump rice flavor that you can feel frankly.A special Junmai liquor brewed from Kokonoe's underground water using Yamada Nishiki for koji rice.A powerful flavor that makes you feel that sake is a gift of nature. Please enjoy a deep and deep drinking response. The sake quality is firm and delicious, so you can enjoy Bungo beef sukiyaki, boiled fish, etc.It goes well with well-flavored dishes. It can be enjoyed deliciously in any temperature range, whether cold or hot.When warmed, the aroma of rice stands out, and when cooled, it stands out sharply. Rice: Yamadanishiki, GohyakumangokuYeast: No.9


The pink sign & the scented of Yatsushika sake. Slightly sweet and supple aroma reminiscent of fresh fruits, and a beautiful finish. Ginjo liquor with a refreshing and light taste, prepared with underground water from the Kuju Mountain Range.The fruity but not overly assertive mouthpiece. It is a superb dish that goes great with food, like Hirame Konbutsume.Have a fresh taste that you won't get tired of drinking.Exhibited at the Kyushu Sake Contest [Kyushu S-1 Grand Prix 2014] Out of the 40 types of sake that we are proud of in Kyushu's 40 breweries, we won the first place by popular vote! Rice: Yamadanishiki Yeast: No.1801


The blue sign & the crispness of Yatsushika sake. A sharp and crisp drinking.The dry sake brewed by Mr. Mori for the sake lovers using Kokonoe rice and water. I would like to recommend it for every day's dinner, it is a dry birth that appeared on the occasion of the 150th anniversary. Enjoy a crisp and refreshing drink.Born with Oita's food culture, this local sake is grilled with shiitake mushrooms, fried chicken, etc. It is a sake that you should drink as a local dish of Oita or as an accompaniment to your usual dining table.It can be enjoyed deliciously in any temperature range, whether cold or hot.Rice: Oita Nihonbare Yeast: Kumamoto yeast

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