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Yoshikubo Ippin Junmaishu 15.5% 300ml


Overall, enjoyable, clean and refreshing sake. There is a distinct umami note, so it is best paired with umami-rich foods. The brewers recommend oysters, salmon and king fish. Nice balance of medium body Sake, smooth and dry. Best with tasty raw seafood.
The Bronze Prize of London Sake Challenge 2012. 
The Silver Prize of SFIWC 2014.  
The Silver Prize of SFIWC 2015.
The Double Gold Award  of San Francisco IWC 2017.

  Origin   茨城 Ibaraki
  Alcohol   16%
  Polishing   60%
  SMV   +4
  Size   300ml

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Tags: Daiginjo, Yoshikubo, Ippin, 300ml

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