ABOUT SAKE.SG has very stringent criteria when looking for a brewery to partner with. Only the breweries that satisfy our criteria will be chosen to be our sake suppliers. has fostered a close working relationship with several of the renowned...and well-established breweries in Japan.

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Well-established breweries

  • Hakkaisan Brewery Co., Ltd
  • Tatsuuma-Honke Brewing Company, Ltd.
  • Kitagawa Honke
  • Kitaya Sake Brewery
  • Miyasaka Brewing Company, Ltd.
  • Kikusui Sake Co., Ltd
  • Kaetsu Brewery Co., Ltd
  • Ohmine Shuzou Co., Ltd
  • Nanbubijin Brewery
  • Katou kichibee Shouten
  • Niigata Dai ichi Shuzo
  • Hakuryu Syuzou Co.,Ltd.
  • Takasagoshuzo, Inc.
  • Momokawa Brewing, Inc..
  • Umenoyadoshuzo.,
  • Kirishima Distillery
  • Denen Shuzo Co.Ltd.
  • Takahashi Shuzou Co., Ltd
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