Introduction to Japanese Liquor

Japan is famous for its alcohol drinks. Whether its sake, shochu, or Japanese whiskey, Japan always has something for everyone. Nonetheless, social drinking is a large part of Japanese culture and such social gathering for drinks are called nomikai (飲み会). Thus, the Japanese love for alcohol beverages had further being rendered in the wide range of alcohol available in the country.

Without further ado, Sake SG would like to share with you the different ranges of Japanese liquor that would best suit your alcohol connoisseur taste buds!

Beer (ビール)

Toriaezu ‘biruu’ basically means, “Let’s start off with beer,” which is no surprise as beer tops the list of the most popular drinks in Japan. If you need a go-to drink in Japan, beer is a recommended starter! Like most everywhere else in the world, beer is an alcoholic drink made from cereal grains, yeast, hops, and water.

Beer was first introduced to Japan by Dutch merchants at Dejima, which was an island trading post from the time when Japan was more isolated. The country soon started importing beers after reopening to the outside world, and later Japanese began to make their own!

Nonetheless, Sake SG is here to recommend you some awesome tasting beer!

Product Recommendation:

Ginga Kogen Kogen Komugi Beer Bottle 5%

Product Description:

“Ginga Kougen” means “The plateau of the Galaxy”.

“Ginga Kougen Beer” is brewed at the foot of Mount Wagadake in Iwate prefecture in Japan, known for its heaviest snowfalls resulting in an abundance of sparkling clean cold water, making it ideal for beer brewing.

“Ginga Kougen Beer” is a “Hefeweizen” style beer: Yeast wheat top-fermented beer brewed with more than 50% of wheat malt. It is unfiltered beer distinguished by its fruity aroma and pale colour.

Shōchū (焼酎)

Shochu, first made in the 1500s in Kyushu, is a distilled Japanese alcoholic drink which is created starting with a fermented mash of water, yeast, and koji mold. Thus, Shochu is commonly consumed by itself, with ice, mixed with other drinks, warmed, or with water added.

Product Recommendation:

Amami Ohshima Kokuto Shochu (Jougo) 25% 720ml

Product Description:

Made in Kagoshima, Japan. Distilled under reduced pressure, the light body with a fruity aroma is perfect for beginners. Amami Ohshima Kokuto Shochu (Jougo) had won the gold quality award at Monde Selection for 2 years in a row.

Umeshu (梅酒)

Umeshu, a unique type of Japanese alcoholic beverage, is a kind of plum wine using a specific kind of ume tart plum, alcoholic beverages such as shochu or sake, and a sweetener like sugar. Whether by itself, with ice, mixed with other drinks, or with warm or cold water, umeshu has a sweet and smooth taste that some might call “dangerous” because it goes down so easily.

Product Recommendation:

Choya Classic 15% 650ml

Product Description:

Original Choya with the traditional home makes style. This all natural and non-preservative drink is refreshing with well-balanced of sweetness and acidity. Best to serve on the rock.

Sake (日本酒)

Commonly called sake outside of Japan, nihonshu (日本酒) or sake (However, do note that ‘sake’ is also the general Japanese term for alcohol (お酒)) is brewed using rice, water and koji mold as the main ingredients. The alcohol content of nihonshu is typically about 10-20%. It is drunk either hot or cold, and it is usually filtered although unfiltered nihonshu is also available.

Product Recommendation:

Akishika Yamahai Junmai Muroka Namagenshu 18% 720ml

Product Description:

Made with Yamadanishiki often given the moniker ‘King of Sake Rice’ polished to 70%. As with all of Akishika’s products, this shows a rich, complex character. Fresh & vibrant on the palate, this Nama version of Kobo #7 has a rich fruit character with savoury elements. The taste builds with an excellent acidic backbone and wonderful texture and a long fine finish.

Product Recommendation:

Born Gold JDG 15% 1800ml

Product Description:

“Gold” has an elegant nose comprised of green apple, sweet rice, plum skin, and peach aromas.

The palate is rich and creamy, with a slight fruitiness that makes Born quite quaffable. Born Gold finishes soft and easy with a medium sweetness and very light, clean acidity.

Interested in savouring some excellent Japanese vintagel?

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