Is CB Making It Feel Like Every Hour Should Be Wine Hour?

Sake shouldn’t be confined to Japanese cuisine, says Joshua Kalinan, who often breaks out a bottle with Indian food

The pairing: Three-layer fish and prawn dum biryani with cherry tomatoes cooked in a cast iron pot, with the limited edition Ohmine Shuzuo Sake Storm Cowboy The expert: MasterChef Singapore contestant Joshua Kalinan, the first Singaporean to win Sake Sommelier of the Year bestowed by the UK-based Sake Sommelier Association. A fan of unconventional pairings, he believes sake shouldn’t be limited to Japanese cuisine. He is also a wine educator. What he says: “This dum briyani has complex flavours, even though the protein is fish and prawns. The umami-ness of the dish is enhanced by a rich tomato mixture, and it is also quite oily as ghee is used to cook the spice mixture. So in pairing it with sake, you need one with sufficient acidity to stand up to it. The Sake Storm Cowboy [a limited-edition release in collaboration with NIGO®︎and Pharrell Williams] is made by Ohmine Suzhou in Yamaguchi prefecture. It is a Junmai daiginjo [most refined grade of sake] made from ‘the king of rice’, Yamada Nishiki, polished to 38%. It has a mellow fragrance of peach, and the sweetness of this sake blends so well with this complex slightly spicy dish.” Try something else? Kalinan enjoys spreading the love of sake and frequently posts photos on Instagram of his home-cooked, typically uniquely Singaporean culinary adventures, paired with sake or wine. Have a look for inspiration.

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