Hepalyse® W Pastille (Box of 10)


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Hepalyse® W Pastille Type is an anti-hangover tablet contains 100mg of liver extract, 30mg of curcumin and piperin (black pepper extract) for the absorption of curcumin. It helps in liver protection, support detoxification, improve metabolism, reduce hangover and fatigue.


Inactive Ingredients
Microcrystalline Cellurose, Shell Ca, HPMC,  Thickener (Arabic Gum powder, CMC-Ca, Gelatin), Sucrose esters, HPC, Niacin, V-B6, Talc, V-B2, Colors (Red102, Yellow5, Blue2, Red106), Glazing.

* Help to protect liver cells, limit liver cell damage due to alcoholic agent.Support to reduce discomfort when drinking a lot of alcohol such as headache, nausea, rash and fatigue.

* Strengthen liver function, help to transform essential nutrients of the body (protid, glucide, lipid), strengthen and restore health in cases of fatigue, overwork, after getting sick.


* Person drinks a lot of alcohol.

* Person who in the period of need to recover health.

Note: This product is not a medicine, has no effect to replace medicine.

* Do not use for cases: Sensitive to one of the components of the product.


* Use before drinking alcohol: take 2 tablets / day.

* Use when tired: take 2 tablets / day.


* Pack of 2 sugar-coated tablets.


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Hepalyse® W Pastille (Box of 10)

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