Singapore’s Master Sommelier Joshua Kalinan Praises Blend 001


Finally Singapore gets to taste this magnificent sake. Tasted this Tanaka 1789 X Chartier Blend 001 Junmai nama zume sake couple of months ago and was totally intrigued by its blending of two sakamai and two kyokai yeast that really created a magic in the bottle. A first in the world of sake, an inaugural blend “ crafted for food” by Chartier in collaboration with one of the oldest sake brewery in Miyagi, Tanaka brewery. This sake will definitely awaken your taste buds with its unique fresh acidity and reminiscence of the elegance and verticality or the best white wine or the world. More so, recently won a silver medal in the prestigious London sake challenge for a new comer.

» Joshua Kalinan, Master Sake Sommelier, Sake Sommelier of the Year 2018 & MasterChefSG. 

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