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    On pouring, Byakko Bespoke’s appearance is clear and crystalline, with a faintly gold shimmer when held to light. Its aroma boasts sophisticated nuance of herbs and fruits, like white pear and peach. On drinking, Byakko Bespoke presents a creamy, smooth and rounded mouthfeel that spreads with a gentle tartness, then a pleasant alcoholic bite that gives way to tart and bitter to tie the experience together. Byakko Bespoke is best imbibed at 5-10℃°(41-50°F), directly from refrigerated storage for an elegant presentation of flavors and aromas.

      Origin   Yamagata
      Grade   Junmai Daiginjo
      Alcohol   15.7%
      Polishing   18%
      SMV   -2
      Size   720ml
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    Dense and sweet; Sake as dessert

    Upending the notion that sake is best enjoyed paired with a meal, Amairo is the world’s first dessert sake. Sweet, tart and bursting with umami, Amairo is a flavor like no other, bringing complex notes that layer one over another in each voluminous sip. Amairo is additionally a world apart in its production, utilizing the unique ruijo method to brew sake using sake for a dense and original flavor.

    Delightfully dense, perfectly sweet

    Decadent and sweet, Amairo’s flavors are almost unlike sake at all. Distinct tartness bolsters and brings out Amairo’s sweet flavors for an experience that never gets old. Layers of complex flavor work in harmony in each sensational sip.

    Tartness and umami developed by nature. No added yeasts

    No yeast is added to Amairo during brewing, preserving an organic brewing method that harnesses nature itself to produce its own yeast and bring richness and complexity to every bottle.

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    A miracle bestowed on a 1995 vintage,” a once-in-a-lifetime bottle

    Twenty years since the initial brewing process began in 1995, Gengai has aged into a markedly complex and dimensional miracle, with sweet, tart, bitter and umami weaving together in each sip. Gengai is the epitome of vintage sake – a bittersweet reminder that even unthinkable disaster can birth once-in-a-lifetime greatness.

    Mature mellowness meets a graceful aroma

    A deep and alluring amber in color, Gengai entices with a mellow and multilayered aroma and flavors. On the tongue, a graceful sweetness and umami with a pleasing tartness. Sweet, tart, bitter and umami become one with a mature mellowness and clarity of flavor.

    Patience and time yield greatness

    When aged under appropriate conditions, sake undergoes chemical reactions that imbue deeper, more complex flavors and entrancing colors. With long gestation, a vintage can also develop surprising clarity and dignified, regal flavors. These changes cannot be purposefully induced and the exact outcome of the aging process is something only time and nature decide.

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