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    Nanbubijin Daiginjo Tobin-kakoi Shizuku Sake 17% 720ml GB

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    t is a liquor that is carefully squeezed one drop at a time using the traditional method called bag hanging, and is aged at low temperature in a 1-to-bottle that holds 10 bottles. The gorgeous ginjo fragrance and the delicate, swelling taste with no unpleasant taste are the very ultimate ginjo with a very good balance.

    Rice: Yamada-nishiki

      Origin   Iwate  岩手
      Alcohol   17%
      Polishing   35%
      SMV   +5
      Size   720ml

  • $62.00

    Terada Shizen No Manma Kimoto 19% 720ml Vintage 2020

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    Shizen no Manma is a wonderful example of Terada Honke’s more subtle style. It carries a soft, ricey aroma and flavor, high acidity and umami, making it a versatile accompaniment for a wide range of dishes.

    Rice: Dewasansan, Miyama Nishiki, Yukigesho

    Yeast: Natural 

    Alc: 19%

    polishing : 70%

  • $102.00

    Hakkaisan Clear Sparkling Awa 13% 720ml

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    Hakkaisan Awa Sparkling is made using a secondary in-bottle fermentation to create a clear and elegant sake. It has a lovely fruity aroma and refreshing taste that is rounded out a gentle sweetness and crisp finish. Hakkaisan Awa Sparkling is the perfect sake to toast any occasion.

      Origin   Niigata 新潟
      Alcohol   13%
      Polishing   50%
      SMV   -5
      Size   720ml

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