Hakkaisan Snow Aged Jdg 3Yrs 17% 720ml (Gb)


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Alcohol 15%
Polishing 70%
SMV -1
Size 720ml

This sake was specially prepared for storage in the snow room, which we opened in 2013. It is a pure rice ginjo liquor aged for three years in the exclusive tank of the “Hakaissan Snow Room”. The Uonuma region in Niigata Prefecture is Japan’s leading heavy snowfall area with 2-3 m of snow. It is snow that sometimes becomes a nuisance for living in a snowy country where long and severe winters continue. The ancestors nurture the life and food culture unique to a snowy country utilizing the power of the snow. One of them is the “Snow Room”, which is a “natural refrigerator” created from the wisdom and ideas of people in snowy countries. In the days when there was no refrigerator like today, the “Snow Room” keeps the temperature low throughout the year.
Rice: Gohyakumangoku, Yukinosei
Koji Rice: Yamadanishiki

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Hakkaisan Snow Aged Jdg 3Yrs 17% 720ml (Gb)

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