Kamoshibito Kuheij Hi No Kishi 720ml (GB)


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Origin 愛知 AICHI
Alcohol 16%
Size 720ml

HI-NO-KISHI is sake that allows you to experience a good change in facial expressions over several years. The terroir that can express HI-NO-KISHI is the Monryu district of Kurodasho, Hyogo Prefecture. Even within Kurodasho, this district has ideal conditions such as sunshine, temperature changes, water temperature, and temperature differences.
It is an area that is open to the east and west, has nothing to block the sunlight, and is resistant to heat because it draws water from the mountains. The location in the valley creates a temperature difference, which allows the rice to rest during the night and produces rice that is heavy.
Good to pair with red meat and spices.

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Kamoshibito Kuheij Hi No Kishi 720ml (GB)

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