Katsuyama Tokubetsu Junmaishu EN 15% 720ML (GB)


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A beautifully elegant bottle of saké, with sweet aromas and a clean and refreshing flavour, this Junmai is brewed by the renowned Katsuyama brewery, who are celebrated for their absolute focus to refinement with each bottle. This particular bottle, the “En” is the 2015 supporters Gold medal winner, and the 2016 Gold medal winner at the 18th Miyagi Saké review awards. Each bottle is low temperature brewed, to ensure maximum starch conversion. This meticulous approach to detail results in a liqueur type sake with richness to the flavour and aromas, that can be consumed either cold or hot.

  Origin   宮城 MIYAGI
  Alcohol   15%
  Polishing   55%
  SMV   +2
  Size   720ml

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Katsuyama Tokubetsu Junmaishu EN 15% 720ML (GB)

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