Koshinoiso Echizenboyu Junmaishu 15.5% 720ml

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Bottling Date: SAKE-0522

Used “Gohyakumangoku”, a rice suitable for sake brewing from Fukui prefecture, for the entire amount of preparation, and pursued the taste of rice. It is a slightly dry sake with a rich taste. It goes well with not only fish dishes such as grilled fish, but also meat dishes such as meat and potatoes. Our sake is shipped after it has been fully aged without being filtered by carbon etc., so the sake has a slight amber color, but there is no problem with the quality.

  Origin   福井 Fukui
  Alcohol   15%
  Polishing   50%
  SMV   +4
  Size   720ml

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Koshinoiso Echizenboyu Junmaishu 15.5% 720ml

$32.00$38.00 (-16%)

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