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In Japan, Shochu boom began around 2003. At that time, shipments of shochu exceeds nihonshu the first time in 50 years. Premium shochu appeared at that time. They became fiercely popular and were hardly distributed because the demand exceeded the supply too much. Especially, the market price of the brands which had been really difficult to purchase increased more than 10 times than the normal retail price of about 3,000 yen for 1.8ltr bottle at that time. Those brands were called “Maboroshi no Shochu (or phantom of shochu)” in  premium shochu because they were hardly be distributed in the market. Today, I would like to introduce Top3 premium shochu brands called 3M. “M” stands for Maboroshi(or phantom).  They are all made in Kagoshima prefecture (Southern part of Japan) where it is very famous for Imo (or sweet potato) shochu.


Maoh means Devil in Japanese. It is refreshing and clear, easy to drink with a very fruity taste and slightly sweet flavor unlike tipical Imo shochu. It’s recomended for ladies due to lesser strong Imo taste and easy to consume. If you want to fully enjoy the charm of “Maou Sho-chu” it is recommended to drink on the rocks. You can enjoy the fruity aroma, rich and crisp aftertaste without a strong and distinct sweet potato taste.

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Maoh Imo Shochu 25% 1800ml

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