Masumi Yumedono Junmai Daiginjyo Genshu Shizuku 15% 720ml (GB)


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Yumedono is the name that Masumi has been
crowning the best sake since the Meiji era.

Carefully selected sake rice is
brewed with No. 7 in-house yeast.

An elegant
and gorgeous scent with aromas of white peaches and bananas with citrus and
floral nuances.

Along with the mild sweetness and the acidity that invites the
whole taste to a pleasant lingering finish, the gentle and smooth texture with
a well-defined contour is impressive.

The umami of the rice, which has a sense
of transparency and a sense of omission, remains very beautiful and lingering
for a long time.

Good food Like steamed shrimp dumplings, grilled sea bream in a salt pot, and carpaccio
of scallops, the original umami of the ingredients and the transparent umami of
sake are simply combined to make the most of the elegance of sake.

Rice: Yamadanishiki (Hyogo Pref)

 Origin  NAGANO
  Alcohol   15
  Polishing   35
  SMV   ±0
  Size   720ml


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Masumi Yumedono Junmai Daiginjyo Genshu Shizuku 15% 720ml (GB)


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