Niizawa Junmai Daiginjo 2021 720ml


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Origin Miyagi
Alcohol 16%
Polishing 7%
SMV ±0
Size 720ml

We launched this premium sake collection in 2015 in collaboration with contemporary artists.
Since its inception we have been honored to work with different Japanese contemporary artists each year.
When rice is highly polished, it becomes extremely difficult to cultivate koji, which makes it difficult to extract the umami derived from koji, but with NIIZAWA, we have succeeded in extracting 2 times the umami than Zankyo Super 7 which also has a 7% rice polishing ratio.
One can experience the sweetness of the rice directly as it lingers on one’s palate so it can be thoroughly enjoyed.
It will age beautifully when stored in a refrigerator.
This sake is the penultimate of the 7% polished rice series, which began with the goal of “producing the best polished rice in the world”. It is limited to 1,000 bottles per year.
Each year we collaborate with a different artist, therefore the label differs each year.

【GOLD】Singapore Sake Challenge 2023,“NIIZAWA 2021”
【GOLD】Singapore Sake Challenge 2023,“NIIZAWA 2022”
【GOLD】U.S. National Sake Appraisal
【GOLD】Kura Master 2023 Old Sake Category
【SILVER】 International Wine Challenge 2022 Junmai Daiginjo Category
【TROPHY AWARD】International SAKE Challenge 2021 Premium Category
【PLATINUM】Milan SAKE Challenge 2019 Junmai Daiginjo Category

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Niizawa Junmai Daiginjo 2021 720ml


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