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    Kikkawa Afuri Junmaishu(90) Ohanasake Flower-Yeast 13% 720ml

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    Bottling Date: 1/5/22

    A clean and mellow scent using rare vine rose flower yeast. A beautiful rose-pink sake. Rich and sweet taste.

    Low-alcohol and low-polishing, with a gentle mouthfeel that can be recommended for elderly people and those who are not familiar with sake.

    Since it uses pesticide-free ancient rice (purple black garden) rich in polyphenols and minerals, it is also useful for maintaining and improving health.

    Rice: Tokushima Pref Yamadanishiki   Yeast: Flower yeast (Tsurubara)


      Origin   Kanagawa
      Alcohol   13%
      Polishing   90%
      SMV   – 4
      Size   720ml

    Bottling Date: 1/5/22

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