Hakushika (R)Junmai Ginjo Namazake Winter 16% 720Ml (Winter Product)


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It is a raw sake made by storing, aging, and bottling Junmai Ginjo sake pressed in spring at a low temperature in its raw state. In winter, when the temperature drops and we miss heartwarming foods such as hot pot and oden. Chill it in a warm room and enjoy the luxurious taste of sweetness, umami, and rich ginjo aroma with the taste of winter.The theme of the label is “a snowy landscape that shines brightly in the bitter cold of winter,” and is based on an equilateral triangular scale pattern that resembles fresh snow that sparkles in the light of a sunny winter day, and is decorated with snowflakes of various shapes and colors.

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Hakushika (R)Junmai Ginjo Namazake Winter 16% 720Ml (Winter Product)

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