Ohmine 2 Grains Pasteurized Omachi12.5% 720ml Seasonal


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The fruity sweetness reminiscent of yellow peach is characteristic in the refreshing scent and sourness of a cross between muscat grapes and green apples.
The native species of Omachi is lavishly shaved to create a complex balance unique to Omine.
[Ohmine Shuzou] Omine , Mine
City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, home to the mysterious land of Akiyoshidai, which has a history of 300 million years, and the largest limestone cave in the East, Akiyoshido.
Ohmine Sake Brewery was revived in 2010 after a half-century hiatus in order to spread the premium sake “Ohmine” to the world in this land where magnificent nature remains.
Yamadanishiki, the highest grade sake rice grown with contracted farmers. Water used for brewing is Benten no Yusui, known as the water of the gods. It is characterized by its fragrance, lightness and umami, and sweetness on the palate.
Based on the basic philosophy of “respecting classic recipes while creating sake that our predecessors could not achieve”, this sake brewery is currently attracting attention as it is creating a new Japanese sake whirlwind both in Japan and overseas.
  Origin   Yamaguchi  山口
  Alcohol   12.5%
  Polishing   –
  SMV   –
  Size   720ml

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Ohmine 2 Grains Pasteurized Omachi12.5% 720ml Seasonal

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