Rumiko No Sake Tokubetsu Junmaishu Kimoto 15% 720Ml

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Bottling Date: 1/12/22

Origin 三重 MIE
Alcohol 15%
Polishing 60%
SMV +8
Size 720ML

A special junmai sake brewed using the traditional method of brewing sake, kimoto-zukuri. No yeast is added, the shubo is naturally fermented at a low temperature for 40 days, and then fermented for another 30 days to slowly and carefully finish it. You can feel the acidity, strong umami, and depth of flavor from the kimoto-zukuri method.
It goes well with creamy dishes using dairy products such as gratin, blue cheese and washed cheese.
Rice: Mie Iga Yamadanishiki (29%), Hiroshima Hattanishiki (71%)

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Rumiko No Sake Tokubetsu Junmaishu Kimoto 15% 720Ml

$39.00$65.00 (-40%)

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