Rumiko No Sake Tokubetsu Junmaishu Yeast #6 15% 720Ml

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Bottling Date: 1/12/22

“Rumiko no Sake” has three types of pasteurized junmai (60% rice polishing ratio) with different yeasts, but this one uses the most traditional Kyokai No. 6 yeast (no bubbles = No. 601 yeast), and has a calm taste. Finished with flavor. It is characterized by its thick flavor and strong acidity, and its true value is best served warm. The umami, which has a strong core, blooms when it is warmed. Named by Akira Oze, author of the manga “Natsuko’s Sake”.
Recommend to pair with red meat dishes, miso hot pot, smoked cheese, and other side dishes.
Room temperature to warm is recommended.
Rice: Tokushima Yamadanishiki (25%), Hiroshima Hattan nishiki (75%)

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Rumiko No Sake Tokubetsu Junmaishu Yeast #6 15% 720Ml

$39.00$51.00 (-24%)

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