Born Tokusen Junmai Daiginjo 16% 720ml


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This is one of the flagship items from well-known brewery “KATO KICHIBEE” of Fukui perfecture of Japan. It was awareded gold medal in the IWC. Made with the highest quality of YAMADANISHIKI in Special Region “A” in HYOGO pref. 2Yrs of aging under 0 (zero) degree C that produces a fruity sake with an aroma reminiscent of grapefruit. It’s sophisticated yet mellow flavor flows irresistably over the tongue. It’s fully ripened aroma is ever present regardless of whether it’s warmed or chilled. Althought it is not common to recommend such a premium sake to enjoy warm, but please try and you’ll be convinced. Best serving is “Chilled”.  But you can enjoy “On-the-rock” or “warmed” Sake. 

  Origin   Fukui 福井
  Alcohol   16%
  Polishing   38%
  SMV   +5
  Size   720ml

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Born Tokusen Junmai Daiginjo 16% 720ml

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