Hakushika Vintage2010 Jukusei Koshu 17.5% 720ml


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“Kuromatsu Shiraka Aged Koshu 2010 Brewing” is a liquor brewed in 2010 that has been slowly aged and is packed with sweetness and thickness. It is a sake that enjoys a rich finish, characterized by its rich sweetness, mellow aroma, and swelling richness.You can enjoy a straight and rich taste with a luxuriously mellow aroma in a rock style, and when you warm it up a little, the mellow taste with sharp edges swells, and you can enjoy various expressions in a wide range of temperatures.If you sprinkle aged old sake on vanilla ice cream, it will be a luxurious adult dessert with the aroma and taste unique to 10 years of aging. Please try the finest dessert only for adults, where the creamy and mellow sweetness of vanilla ice cream blends with the rich and rich flavor of aged old sake.

Rice: Yamadanishiki

Kanzake Contest 2020 Received the highest gold award in the special lukewarm category.

  Origin   Hyogo 兵庫
  Alcohol   17.5%
  Polishing   70%
  SMV   -6
  Size   720ml

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Hakushika Vintage2010 Jukusei Koshu 17.5% 720ml

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