Umenoyado Unfeigned Pleasure (Junmai Ginjo) 15% 720Ml

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Bottling Date: 1/2/23

Origin 奈良 NARA
Alcohol 15%
Polishing 60%
SMV -14.5
Size 720ML

Umenoyado Un Series Unfeigned SAKE Pleasure Unfeigned SAKE Pleasure. We named it Pleasure with the meaning of “exciting” from the image of expecting new encounters. It is a chewy liquor that brings out the juicy taste of rice, and has a ginjo scent that makes you feel the buds of spring and a light taste that is unique.
Unfeigned means “true”. We sincerely faced the “deliciousness” that Umenoyado is aiming for, and expressed the taste that can only be brewed in “the year and time”.

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Umenoyado Unfeigned Pleasure (Junmai Ginjo) 15% 720Ml

$39.00$55.00 (-29%)

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