Born Gokuhizo Junmai Daiginjyo 16% 720ml (GB)

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Bottling Date: 10/22

Junmai Daiginjo Sake is a blend of sake that has been aged at 0 ° C for about 3 years. Rich and noble aroma and deep taste. It is the first Daiginjo sake to be marketed in Japan in 1968.Rice: Hyogo Special A YamadanishikiThe 14th International Sake Festival (Tokyo, Japan)Received the Sake Art Award & 1st place Grand Prix. Origin: Fukui 福井| Alc: 16% | Polishing: 35% | SMV: +3

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Born Gokuhizo Junmai Daiginjyo 16% 720ml (GB)

$98.00$148.00 (-34%)

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