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    WWS Yuzu Sparkling 5% 250Ml (By Kiksui Shuzo,Japan)

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    With lots of natural fruits, sake-based sparkling. Used unsparingly natural yuzu juice grown at Kochi Japan.  Sake-trained and mellow taste, and an exceptional wine with balanced acidity and unique fragrance of citrus. Serving Suggestion: Chill well before serving.

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    Umenoyado Lychee Liqueur 8% 720ml

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    Umenoyado Lychee Liqueur is a Lychee flavored liqueur that is in crystal clear color with intense flavours of tropical lychee.Best enjoy on the rock or with chilled soda water.

      Origin   Nara 奈良
      Alcohol   8%
      Size   720ml
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    Kamoshibito Kuheiji” Yamadanishiki Eau Du Desir 2022 720ml

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    Origin 愛知 AICHI
    Alcohol 16%
    Polishing 50%
    Size 720ml

    Kuehiji’s signature junmai daiginjo.
    An elegant, harmonious sake made with brewing techniques
    designed to impart flavors faithful to the ingredient rice,
    Eau du Desir is created with the palates of sake drinkers
    veteran and novice alike. Made with Yamadanishiki, this brew features the deep and profound flavors indicative of these varietals. These grains are also well suited for long-term aging, while gifting the sake brewed from them a velvety and pleasant mouthfeel.
    Good to go with foie gras terrine, hard cheese, white meat.

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    Bottega Petalo Amore Moscato Spumante 6.5% 750ml

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    Color and Appearance: Straw yellow with fine and lasting perlage. Bouquet: Complex, intense, delicate, with floral (rose, wisteria and wildflowers) and fruity (yellow peach, apricot and citrus) notes and a pleasant hint of sage in the finish.

    Taste: Velvety, pleasantly sweet, intense and persistent with a good acidity that enriches its freshness and balances the high sugar content.

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